Job History

Job History

Soccer Field & Storm Retention System @ Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School

This job involved reshaping over 5300m2 of playground from unusable wet area into a much needed sport field. We installed a storm water retention area around the perimeter of the field that tied into the town storm drain. Finally we installed an irrigation system and terra-seeded the entire area.

River Cove Group Use Washrooms @ Kananaskis Country

Nestled by the Elbow river in a very quiet campground, this job involved removing an existing building and underground fibreglass tanks, then  replacing them with concrete, sloped floor tanks. We constructed the new building in our shop with pre-installed lifting hooks in the roof. The new building was then transported on site and  bolted down. With some finish concrete work and landscaping, the job was completed and ready for campers.

Building Demolition

Tim Hortons Children's Ranch

1000’ of waterline was needed to connect the wranglers barn to their water system. A work zone was carved through the trees and a “single file” method was used to excavate and place the line. Special care was taken to leave access for the kids at camp to use the trails around the construction site.

Little Bow Provincial Park Water System Upgrade

Working in beautiful Little Bow Provincial Park, we supplied and installed a precast concrete water cistern that also served as the foundation for a building addition.

Town of High River Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

The focus of our work was to crane supplies into the deep excavation, including this Mini-Excavator

Blackie De-Watering Progressioner Project

Phase 1 Foothills Cemetery Plot Area Expansion

The scope of the project was to construct a new Field of Honor and General Cemetery Plot Expansion Area at the Foothills Cemetery near Black Diamond, Alberta.