Meet the Family

Meet the Family

Milt Shaw

Milt Shaw, Owner of Mariah Projects Ltd.. He started Mariah Projects to maintain a connection with his family roots in construction spanning three generations and over eight decades in southern Alberta. Milt has over 40 years of experience in excavation with an Honors Diploma In Engineering from SAIT, a Journeyman Crane Certificate, is an AOWMA member and certified in the design and installation of all types of wastewater systems. He also has over 30 years experience in excavation specifically for the power line construction industry, where he has enjoyed working with many professionals. One of Milts greatest sources of pride is to introduce Dallas and Blaine to a new customer for the first time, and let them know their project will be completed by a family run company. Milts favorite hobby is fly fishing with Deb in a quiet place, or trying to learn Mexican Spanish.

Deb Shaw

Meet Deb. She is the “Mom” of he operation, literally! Deb is the Financial Advisor, Accountant for Mariah Projects Ltd. Milt and Deb started the company in 1991. The part she loves best about the business is being based from home and having the flexibility to put family first. Deb has 38 years of accounting industry experience and education as a Tax Services Specialist.

Dallas Shaw

This is Dallas. He is a heavy equipment operator & truck driver. Dallas technically started working for Mariah Projects Ltd. in 2007, but had been helping out for many years prior to that. He is an experienced heavy equipment and crane operator, and most enjoys operating the excavators. Dallas is a journeyman boom truck operator, has a class 1 drivers license and is a certified Private Sewage disposal system installer/designer in the province of Alberta.

Blaine Shaw

This is Blaine, he is a Truck Driver, Equipment Operator, and Labourer. Blaine officially started working in 2007. But being a family business, had done quite a bit before then. He is a professional driver and equipment/crane operator, but most enjoys the variety of work and the problem-solving aspect of most jobs. Blaine has a class 1 driver's licence, and is a certified Private Sewage Disposal System Installer/Designer. Along with completing numerous ASCA safety courses.

Felicia Tassone

This is Felicia. She is an office administrator aka Deb’s sidekick! Felicia started working for Mariah Projects Ltd. in March of 2020 and has enjoyed all the perks of being included in the family business. Felicia’s favourite part about the business is having the ability to learn new things everyday. From learning how to sew, to taking on the health and safety program, and being taught how to operate the backhoe and tract loader; it is never a dull moment for her! After January of 2021 she will have completed a basic accounting course and will continue online learning in the accounting field.